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A personalised service

At PH7 Insurance we go out of our way to work with our clients in a way that they find useful and that fits in with their life.

Bespoke cover

Making sure you are properly protected is vital for your business.  We will search, review and recommend the best insurance options for you or your business.

Wellbeing focused

Being part of PH7 gives a unique proposition and approach to what we offer.  Every touchpoint within the organisation understands the value of individual wellbeing in business or personal life.  We often combine our PH7 Health organisational health package with our professional recommendations.

Our Services

What We Do

We provide cover for every type of business so please do get in touch, below highlights the main ones you or your business may need.

Property Owners

A multi-property insurance policy is a convenient way for landlords who have multiple properties to cover them all on a single property portfolio.  

Fleet & motor trader

Group together all business vehicles under one policy and cover your business to work on and drive customer vehicles as well as any liability brought against the business.

retail, offices & restaurants

Fully protect your buildings, contents, stock and electronic equipment as well accidental damage, public and employer liability and loss of profits.

professional indemnity

If your business provides a service then this insurance provides cover for the service you provide for any third party claim brought against you.


We can protect individuals and groups for when travelling overseas giving peace of mind for all risks that can occur when travelling.

high/mid net worth insurance

PH7 has access to insurers that specialise in homeowner property insurance that can’t be accessed online. This can also include your vehicles, second homes, and property abroad. 

An experienced team

Part of the PH7 Group

The PH7 Group of companies has evolved and grown over the last couple of years to offer a business and individuals advice, support and frameworks to manage all aspects of mental health, financial planning and insurance.

While each aspect can be segmented, and often is, likewise they can all be pulled together in a holistic manner to suit any individual or business need.  

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